Deposit guide

In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of depositing assets and starting to restake using our smart contracts.

Step 1: Landing Page

First, visit the Mellow Protocol landing page and click on the "Restake now" button to access the Dapp. Connect Ethereum wallet of your choice and consent with TOS.

Step 2: Select LRT

On the Dapp, you'll see a list of available LRTs. Choose the one that fits your risk profile and investment strategy by considering factors like LRT curator, TVL, and more. Study carefully all the risks and liquidity constraints.

Step 3: LRT Details

After selecting an LRT, click on it to view its details and deposit window. Here, you'll find information about the chosen LRT, including parameters and the deposit interface.

Step 4: Asset Selection

In the deposit window, select the asset you want to deposit. This could be stETH (for now), a stablecoin, or any other supported asset.

Step 5: Deposit Amount

Enter the amount you wish to deposit. You can click the "Max" button to set the maximum available value for deposit, based on your wallet balance.

Step 6: Approval

Review the deposit amount and click the "Approve" button. This will initiate the approval process for the maximum available tokens on your connected address.

Step 7: Deposit Confirmation

Once the approval is complete, the deposit button will change to "Deposit." Click this button to proceed with the deposit transaction.

Step 8: Transaction Signing

Using your connected wallet, sign the deposit transaction in the protocol.

Step 9: LRT Token Allocation

After the deposit is successful, you'll see the number of LRT tokens allocated to you, along with their dollar equivalent on the LRT page.

Step 10: Earning Points

As a restaker, you'll begin earning points, which will be displayed in the interface. These points will be credited to you at a specified interval, such as daily or hourly.

Congratulations! You've successfully completed the deposit process and started restaking with Mellow Protocol. Keep an eye on your points and continue to grow your earnings.

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