DepositWrapper contract is a utility that wraps deposits of various tokens into a specific vault asset. It allows for deposits in ETH, WETH, stETH and wstETH.

Key Features

  • Token Conversion: Converts between ETH, WETH, stETH, and wstETH for deposits.

  • Direct Deposit: Supports direct deposits into the vault with security checks.

  • Allowance Management: Adjusts ERC20 allowances securely before deposit.

Core Methods

  1. Deposit Function

    • deposit(address, address, uint256, uint256, uint256): Facilitates deposits into the vault after converting tokens.

      • to: The address receiving LP tokens after the deposit.

      • token: The address of the input token (WETH, stETH, wstETH, or native ETH).

      • amount: The amount of the input token.

      • minLpAmount: Minimum acceptable amount of LP tokens to be minted.

      • deadline: Time before which the deposit must be completed.

      • Returns: The amount of LP tokens minted.

      • Errors:

        • InvalidTokenList: If the vault does not exclusively accept wstETH.

        • InvalidAmount: If the input amount is zero or doesn't match msg.value for ETH.

        • InvalidToken: If the input token is not recognized.

      • Event:

        • DepositWrapperDeposit(address, address, uint256, uint256, uint256): Emitted after a successful deposit.

          • sender: Address of the sender.

          • token: Address of the input token.

          • amount: Amount deposited.

          • lpAmount: Amount of LP tokens minted.

          • deadline: Deadline of the deposit operation.

  2. Conversion Helpers

    • _wethToWsteth(uint256): Converts WETH to wstETH through stETH.

    • _ethToSteth(uint256): Converts native ETH to stETH.

    • _stethToWsteth(uint256): Converts stETH to wstETH.

  3. Fallback Method

    • receive(): Allows receiving ETH only from the WETH contract.

      • Error:

        • InvalidSender: Raised if ETH is received from an address other than WETH.