The SimpleDVTStakingStrategy contract manages staking operations by interacting with a staking module and vault. It extends the DefaultAccessControl to incorporate robust access management while providing functionalities to set staking parameters, initiate deposits, and process withdrawals.

Key Features

  • Staking Operations: Manages the conversion and deposit of tokens for staking.

  • Withdrawal Management: Handles withdrawals from the vault based on the staking strategy.

  • Parameter Management: Allows setting the maximum allowable remainder of staked assets in the vault after instant staking operation.


  • Initializes the contract with an admin, a vault, and a staking module.

    • Parameters:

      • admin: Administrator of the contract.

      • vault_: Address of the associated vault.

      • stakingModule_: Address of the staking module used for conversion and deposit operations.

Core Methods

  1. Staking Operations

    • convertAndDeposit(uint256, uint256, bytes32, bytes32, uint256, bytes, IDepositSecurityModule.Signature[]): Converts a specified amount of WETH into WSTETH using StakingModule and DepositSecurityModule

      • Parameters:

        • amount: The amount to convert and deposit.

        • blockNumber: The block number for the deposit.

        • blockHash: The hash of the block.

        • depositRoot: The root hash of the deposit.

        • nonce: A unique identifier for the operation.

        • depositCalldata: Additional calldata for the deposit.

        • sortedGuardianSignatures: Signatures from guardians for security validation.

      • Returns:

        • success: Indicates if the deposit was successful.

      • Event:

        • ConvertAndDeposit: Emitted upon a deposit attempt.

  2. Withdrawal Management

    • processWithdrawals(address[], uint256): Processes withdrawals for specified users.

      • Parameters:

        • users: Array of user addresses to process withdrawals for.

        • amountForStake: Amount of tokens to convert for staking before processing withdrawals.

      • Returns:

        • statuses: Array indicating the success or failure of withdrawals for each user.

      • Event:

        • ProcessWithdrawals: Emitted when withdrawals are processed.

  3. Parameter Management

    • setMaxAllowedRemainder(uint256): Sets the maximum allowed remainder of staked tokens in the vault.

      • Parameters:

        • newMaxAllowedRemainder: The new limit for the maximum remainder.

      • Event:

        • MaxAllowedRemainderChanged: Emitted when the max allowed remainder is updated.


  • _requireAdmin(): Ensures that only an administrator can perform certain actions.

  • _requireAtLeastOperator(): Ensures that only operators or higher level roles can perform specific operations.


  • MaxAllowedRemainderChanged: Emitted when the maximum allowed remainder is updated.

  • ConvertAndDeposit: Emitted after attempting to convert and deposit tokens.

  • ProcessWithdrawals: Emitted when withdrawals are processed.