ERC20TvlModule contract handles the calculation of TVL for ERC20 tokens within a vault. It provides a standardized mechanism to assess the value of a vault's ERC20 assets.

Key Features

  • TVL Calculation: Computes the total value locked for each ERC20 token held in a vault.

  • Direct Balance Access: Uses the ERC20 balanceOf function to assess token balances.

  • Accurate Accounting: Returns detailed data structures containing token information and their amounts.

Core Method

  1. TVL Calculation

    • tvl(address): Computes the total value locked for all ERC20 tokens in a given vault.

      • vault: The address of the vault.

      • Returns: An array of Data structures containing information on each ERC20 token:

        • token: Address of the ERC20 token.

        • underlyingToken: Same as token because it's an ERC20 token.

        • amount: The balance of the token held by the vault.

        • underlyingAmount: Identical to amount.